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Trying to keep a restaurant cool and bug free can be a challenge. For some the easy answer is to crank up the AC, but with rising energy costs that can get expensive - especially when trying to cool down a hot kitchen. In some areas of the country with more moderate climates it can be quite pleasant to ventilate naturally with fresh air but then insects quickly become the issue. There are a number of eco-friendly ways to control pests in your restaurant, but one of the best ways is to prevent them from ever entering your establishment.Screen doors can be a very effective way to prevent pests and control energy costs. But finding the right one for a commercial restaurant application can be difficult.
Commercial spaces require a special level of durability while allowing the maximum amount of fresh air and light into a space. PCA heavy duty aluminum screen doors are custom built in the USA and are hand crafted to withstand 770 pounds of pressure on the frame and 550 pounds of pressure on the screen. This makes them the perfect commercial screen door for any situation. And, a feature business owners particularly value is the hand applied powder coating, ensuring the screen doors are virtually maintenance free. Our lifetime limited warranty guarantees it! Can the right restaurant screen door keep your kitchen cool and bug free?




















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