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PCA has the most durable screen door solution on the market today and they are tough enough
to handle kids and pets. Need a custom product or design, were happy to discuss this. Call Today.

Built-in Pet doors for all sizes of dogs and cats

Our screens withstand up to 550 lbs of pressure and the frames up to 770 lbs of pressure. And, PCA hand-crafted aluminum screen doors provide the added convenience of pet doors. The precision manufacturing exactness PCA is known for isn't lost on the pet door accessories. Our pet doors feature a hard plastic door with locks at the bottom to secure the doors when needed. There are no extra panels that have to be stored until it is time to lock the door. They also feature powerful magnetic flap closures and come in 2 colors -- white and bronze. Bronze is a particularly good color choice for heavy use environments like kennels.



Pets are considered members of the family, so why not make the aluminum screen door easy for them to use. Installing a pet door allows cats and dogs to come and go as they please without requiring someone to open the door for them. A screw locking mechanism allows pet owners to keep unwanted animals or bugs out with a simple twist of a knob.

The pet passage doors from PCA Products can easily be installed along the bottom of the door without interfering with the design or overall look of the door. To keep with the look of the screen door, the pet doors come in two different colors, white and bronze. This allows the door to blend in with the pet owner’s surrounding decor. Pet doors are available in three varying sizes – small, medium, and large – which allows homeowners to create an entry/exit that is uniquely customized to accommodate their pet.

Pet Door Features:

• Available in two colors - White - Bronze (perfect for high traffic)
• Screw locking knob for increased security
• Tight seal prevents bugs and dirt from entering the home
• Three sizes to choose from making it ideal for pets of all sizes