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Full Sized Detailed Drawings, Just "Trace N Create"

Adirondack Westport Chair
Adult Size Chair



Adult Size Chair Measures: 37"H x 33"W x 40"D.


If you're looking to build a nice set of lawn furniture for use on the patio, deck, or in the yard, this pack of plans has everything you need in the classic adirondack fanback style child sized chairs. Now included child size rocker rails. Build Both Style Chairs from these plans.

The full size patterns, detailed instructions, assembly diagrams, and photos insure your success in completing all both pieces pictured. The projects are beginner level, so don't shy away from tackling this one. Table saw, jig/band saw, router if desired, and basic hand tools are enough to finish both projects included with this pack.

Advanced woodworkers will enjoy the comfort and use of the new furniture just as much as the beginner.

All the ease and relaxation of the classic Westport chair with a more substantial frame and armrests. This Westport chair plan will bring you through the project step-by-step, and includes full-size paper templates for cutting every part. Just trace the templates onto MDF to make reuseable profile routing templates, or directly onto the wood if you intend to use a bandsaw.

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