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Storm Doors / Stain Color Chart / Screen Types / Custom Models / Wood Types / Measuring


How to order – Orders can be placed by phone (631) 701-1865, or by using our secure website shopping cart.

Payment methods – We accept visa, mastercard, or check. If sending a check, we cannot begin production on your order until your check is received. Also, please contact us for a grand total including shipping before sending your check. Credit Card Payment is required before production can be started.

U.S. Orders Only / Sales Tax – We can only ship the doors within the United States. New York Residents Only...Add 8.625% sales tax to orders.

Shipping charges – Shipping charges depend on your location and what you order. Please contact us for the shipping charge. We will need to know the city, state, and zip code, plus what you will be ordering. Doors are shipped by a freight company and can be shipped directly to your home or business. Sorry No Customer Pickups

Privacy – We do not sell or share any of your information. All information is kept confidential so you can feel secure about placing your order.

Lead times – Production lead time during the summer is about 3-6 weeks. During the winter season, it is about 1-2 weeks (depending on the order). Please allow 1 week for shipping. Some doors, depending on how custom they are, may take longer than normal lead time. Painted or stained doors take longer than unfinished doors.

Rush orders – Rush orders are $99.00+ per door, and cuts normal production lead time in half. It does not rush the shipping time.

Damage – Our packaging method for the wood doors provides the best protection from possible damage during shipping. The freight companies we use do their best to handle the doors with care. When you receive your door, please inspect the packaging. If there is damage, please write "may be concealed damage" on the bill of lading. Please do not refuse the package (we can have the freight company come back to pick it up). You must notify us of any damage within 5 days after receiving the door. We have the right to request pictures of the damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, we will repair, replace, or refund the door at our discretion. You must keep all original packaging materials incase of inspection or return of the door. We will handle the claim with the freight company.

Return policy – All of our doors are made to order according to your specifications. In some cases, we will accept a return, however, it must be pre-authorized. We reserve the right to accept or refuse returns on any order. A re-stocking fee up to 20% but not less then 10% will be applied. Shipping and handling charges, as well as return shipping charges, are non-refundable.

Assistance – If you have any questions or need assistance placing an order, our customer service is ready to help. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm ( Eastern Standard Time). We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. You can call us at (631) 701-1865 or e-mail us at


Combination Screen and Storm Doors – Doors can be ordered in the following ways:

Screen door – Fixed screen only (not removable). No storm glass panel.
Fixed Screen & Removable Glass – Screen is not removable. The glass panel is tempered glass with a wood frame around it (same wood type and finish as the door). It goes on over the screen and is held on with clips. Not available on the 3/4" thickness.

Removable Screen & Removable Glass – Interchangeable screen panel and glass panel. Panels have wood frames. Not available on the 3/4" thickness.

Close Up View of Removable Storm & Screen Panels



 Full View Storm Glass Panel ( Removable )

No Screen, Permanent Glass – Doors can be made without screen, just permanent tempered glass. Great for interior doors. Not available on the 3/4" thickness. Not available on all models.


Staining – We use Minwax Wood Finish stains. We apply the stain and three coats of a clear polyurethane finish. We can also apply just a clear finish without any stain. Click here for stain color chart . Please note that samples are done on oak wood. Other wood types will look different. Also colors may vary on your computer screen.

Painting – Our standard paint is Behr Satin White. We apply two coats of primer and two coats of paint. We can also match any paint color. We require a 1" x 1" (or larger) paint chip for color matching. Color matching is an additional $65.00 per door, plus the cost of painting. We can also just primer the doors, which is $10.00 less than painting our standard white. Please note that we do not paint the top and bottom of the doors. When you place your order, you can request touch up paint or stain for $10.00.

**Important Note on Finishing** If you are trying to match the screen door finish with your entry door finish, please take into consideration how long your entry door has been there, and how much exposure to the sun it receives. Paints and stains change color over the years, so even with the same color paint, a freshly painted screen door will not be the same color as the entry door that has been up for a while.

Screen Types – Our standard screen is a charcoal fiberglass. We also have gray fiberglass for no extra charge. Heavy Duty Pet Screen (Black Polyester) - $30.00 extra. We are now carrying Sun Control Screen and also BetterVue™ Screen. The Sun Control Screen made of strong vinyl-coated black polyester. It blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat and is pet resistant. The BetterVue™ Screen provides the most visibility, light transmittance, and air flow. It offers excellent insect protection due to 30% smaller openings than standard screen. The Sun Control Screen is an additional $35.00 per door. The BetterVue™ is an additional $30.00 per door. We also carry Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel Screens which are great for older/historic homes. They give that vintage look. Please call for price. Click here for pictures of the screen .

Screening Methods – There are two ways that the doors are screened depending on the model. Models that are plain, like the 3600, have a groove in the thickness of the door. The screen goes into this groove with rope spline and staples holding it in. The door looks the same on both sides. Doors that have decorative cutout corners, grid sections, or spindle bars, have a groove on the backside of the door that the screen goes into with rubber spline. This way, the screen covers the backside of the corners and grids, so bugs cannot get through.

Wood Molding – Some doors can be made with old fashioned wood molding. Plain doors such as 3600, can have flush molding. With flush molding, there is a recessed ledge that the screen is stapled to. Wood molding is then nailed over the screen. The wood molding is flush with the frame of the door. On more decorative models, such as 360DF1, that are screened with the groove on the backside, can have molding on top of the groove to cover where the screen is attached. Flush molding is a $25.00 charge. Molding on top is a $30.00 charge. Please note that flush molding and molding on top are not available on every model. Metal screens can only be installed using the flush molding/molding on top methods.

Hardware – Screen doors do not come with hardware. Click here for the different types of hardware we offer.

Custom Models – Know the style you want, but don't see it in our catalog or website? Just fax or e-mail a drawing of the design you are interested in, and we can give you a price quote. Be sure to include all specific details and measurements. We can make just about any style screen/storm door. There's just too many to fit into our catalog. Decorative corners, spindle bars, grid sections, can also be mixed and matched with different style bottom panels. Click here for pictures of custom models we've done.

Dog Doors – Screen and storm doors can also be made with a built in doggie door.

Arch Tops – The arch radius can be made as a true arch, or eyebrow arch, or in any radius required to fit the door jamb. In addition to the width and the height of the door, we will need to know the measurement from the bottom of the door to where the arch starts at. Or, you can also make a template of the arch by tracing the arch onto cardboard or thick paper (butcher paper, etc.). We can also make double door arches, where each door is half of the arch. Click here for the arch tops models.

Wood Window Screens/Sidelights – Our standard wood window screens are made from 3/4" x 2" Unfinished Sugar Pine. However, other thicknesses and wood types are available. Sidelights have a 5-3/8" bottom rail. Grid sections, decorative corners, and spindle bars can be added to the window screens. We can make the window screens/sidelights match your wood screen door. We can stain or paint them for an additional cost. The bottom of window screens are made flat, but they can be cut at a 10 degree angle for $3.00 extra. Wood molding options are also available on window screens and sidelights for an additional cost. We do not provide hardware for window screens. Please order in 1/8" increments. Click here for pictures and prices of wood window screens .

Storm Windows – Storm windows are wood frames with tempered glass. During the winter you can take down your window screens and put up the wood storm windows. They provide an extra barrier and better insulation from the cold weather. The frames are 3/4" x 2" or 1-1/8" x 2" in any wood type. Frame size can also be customized. We do not provide hardware for storm windows. Like the window screens, they can be unfinished, stained or painted, and can have decorative corners, etc. added to them. Contact us for pricing. Please order in 1/8" increments.

Sliding Wood Doors – Any 1-1/8" thick door can be made into a sliding wood screen door. Our wheels are adjustable and fit into most tracks. We do not provide the tracks. We can also install the finger pulls for $20.00 each. Wheels on only bottom – Add $60.00 to door price. Wheel on both top and bottom – Add $90.00 to door price.

Double Doors – For double doors, you would just order two doors half the size of the total width. The hardware for double doors is $30.00 and includes: 1 wood astragal, 2 brass pull handles, 1 casement lock and 2 slide bolts. You can order just the wood astragal without any hardware for $30.00 and use your own hardware.

Interior Doors and Pantry Doors – Our wood screen doors can also be used for interior doors and pantry doors. They allow for light and ventilation between rooms.


Wood Types – Wood types we keep in stock: California Sugar Pine, Mixed Grain Douglas Fir, Eastern Red Oak, Mahogany, and Western Red Cedar. Other woods are available upon request. Pictures of Wood Types

Pine and Oak do well under a covered porch, out of the weather. Doug Fir, Cedar and Mahogany are better suited for exposure to the weather. Please note that all woods may have knots. Pine has more knots than the other wood types.

How to measure – When measuring for a wood screen door, be sure to measure the exact spot where the screen door will go. Measure an existing wood screen door only if it is a good fit. If you have a pre-hung framed type aluminum screen door, the door and the metal frame must be removed before taking the measurements for the new wood screen door. Measure the width at the top, middle, and bottom. Measure the height at the left and right side. If the measurements are different, the largest measurement should be used. The edges may be planed to fit the door way during installation. Next, measure the depth of the door jamb to determine the thickness of the door. Be sure to take into account the door knob clearance.

Measuring Diagram / Arch Top Measuring Diagram 

howtomeasure-screendoor-standard1.jpg              howtomeasure-screendoor-archtop.jpg

How to Re-Screen Doors – Link coming soon!

How to Install a Door – Link coming soon!!

Unfinished Doors - All unfinished doors come machine sanded to 100 grit. They are ready for hand sanding if desired. Door models that have decorative cutout corners, grid sections, spindle bars, etc., that are ordered unfinished, will be sent with the screen loose, not installed in the doors. The screen goes behind the decorative work. If we were to screen the doors, the backside of the corners/grids cannot be painted through the screen. Door models that are plain, with or without solid corners, and no cutout decorative work, will have the screen installed.

Construction – The construction method of the doors is tongue and groove, glue and screwed. They are very sturdy doors, built to last.

Sizes – Doors are made to the exact size ordered, even on standard sizes. We do not add or make deductions. The doors will be made to the exact measurement you provide. Please order in 1/8" increments.