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Wood Types



Wood Types – Wood types we keep in stock: California Sugar Pine, Mixed Grain Douglas Fir, Eastern Red Oak, Mahogany, and Western Red Cedar. Other woods are available upon request. Please call or email us.

Douglas Fir

Red Oak

California Sugar Pine




A harder, heavier wood than knotty pine and better suited for exposure to light moderate weather. Very nice grain. Our Standard.

A beautiful hard wood. Does best when protected from the weather. Excellent of indoor use. Very popular wood choice for kitchen pantry.

A soft, light weight wood. Does best if protected from the weather. Light in color. More chance of knots.


Western Red Cedar






Western Red cedar is popular most of all for its appearance. Its fine, straight grain, outstanding strength.

A medium weight wood. A excellent wood for heavy exposure to the weather.

A beautiful hard wood. An excellent wood for heavy exposure to the weather. Our Best Choice