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Tools : Optional And Required

a.      Air power staple gun


b.      ¾” brad type nails


c.       Needle nose pliers


d.      Small tack hammer


e.      Heavy duty wire cutters


f.        Hook knife or razor blade knife


g.      Scissors


h.      Ice pick or awl




Materials :

Fiberglass Screen
¼” Rope (black)
brad nails, utility knife blades




Step 1


Using the ice pick or awl, start where the two ropes join, dig out a few wire staples to free rope ends. Please use care not to damage the wood groove or rope channel.  ( see fig 1 )


figure 1. wood screen door screen

Fig 1









Step 2


Pulling in a lateral direction ( do not pull up! ) tug rope and screen from the groove, then pull out any stapes that were left behind. ( see fig 2 )

figure 2. wood screen door screen

Fig 2


Step 3


Center fiberglass screen over the entire opening. ( see fig 3 )



Fig 3













Step 4


Using ¼” inch diameter rope, tuck the first 2 inches of the rope and screen mesh into middle of the bottom groove. Then tap in with tack hammer. ( see fig 4 )


Fig 4




Step 5


Pull screen straight and tight, tuck 2 inches of rope and screen into the middle of the upper groove, If rope pulls out of opposite grove, tack rope in with small brad nails as you go along. 

( see fig 14 down below ) also note position of rope in ( fig 5 below )



Fig 5






Step 6


Go Back to bottom, pull screen tight from the side, tap in screen and rope, stopping before you reach the corners. ( see fig 6 )


Fig 6


Step 7


Go Back to top and pull screen from the sides, tapping screen and rope. Stop before you reach the corners. ( see fig 7 )



Fig 7







Step 8


You should be at this point now! ( see fig 8  )


Fig 8


Step 9


Start at the bottom corner, lift up screen, tap in rope and screen. Note the wrinkles will pull out as you go along. ( see fig 9 )



Fig 9










Step 10


Keep tapping in rope an screen, top at the top of the corners. Go to opposite BOTTOM corner and Do the same. ( see fig 10 )


Fig 10


Step 11


Both bottom corners should look like this now! ( see fig 11 & 11a )


Fig 11a
Close Up View Of Corner


Fig 11











Step 12


Continue tapping in the top two corner the same way. The wrinkles should be disappearing as you get to this point. (see fig 12 )


Fig 12


Step 13


Cut rope to length on sides and finish taping in the rope and screen.
( see fig 13 )



Fig 13













Step 14


Step 14 shows how to nail in rope using the ¾” inch brad nails and the needle nose pliers. Make sure your rope is nailed in secure and you did not miss any areas. ( see fig 14 )

Fig 14


Illustration To Show Spandrel Area
Screening Method.

Step 15


With your razor knife, pull screen away and carefully trim off the excess screen material.
( see fig 15 )  DONE



Fig 15